What’s A Job Portal?

A job portal (or career portal), is basically an updated, online version of an old-school job board, where people would post a piece of paper with a job description on a board. You had to search the whole board to see if there was anything you were qualified to do, then go check with that job to see if it was still available.

A job portal allows you to refine your search online so that you can check to see what types of jobs are available, as well as what jobs require your skill set, your education level, your desired pay range, temporary/part-time/full-time work, and many more factors that make finding a new job that you’ll love easy.

As hard as you’re looking for work, there are employers out there looking for workers, and they need them right now! Whether you’re fresh out of school, just got your college diploma, need a second job, or you’re looking for a boost or switch in your career, a job board is a great place to see what kinds of jobs are available.

You can apply to the job right on the job board, so you don’t need to spend countless hours asking if anyone is hiring, picking up paper resumes, filling them out, then dropping them back off. You can find the next job you’re going to love right from the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, or even your phone while you’re at work. Just don’t tell your boss.


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