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How To Write An Application Letter

A good application letter should highlight your skills and experiences in a way that complements your resume. Read this article to learn how to write an application letter that stands out from the crowd.

How To Write An Application Letter That Will Stand Out - Misamis Occidental Jobs

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparation is key to making a great impression and succeeding in a job interview. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for a job interview.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview Like a Pro - Misamis Occidental Jobs

How To Write A Resume

There are different sections of a resume. Follow these tips on how to write a resume and create a document that will impress potential employers.

How To Write A Resume That Will Land You Your Dream Job

Local Job Opportunities in Misamis Occidental

Finding jobs in Misamis Occidental is not an easy task. We all go through that time in our life going from place to place, company to company asking about a job position. Holding on to dear life and little bit of ego thinking maybe they have an open position for...

Local Job Opportunities in Misamis Occidental - Misamis Occidental Jobs

How Much Does It Cost?

Misamis Occidental Jobs is free for you to search, and apply for jobs. It’s always free for our job-seekers. In fact, it will actually save you time, and money on transportation because you don’t need to drive all over the place asking if anyone is hiring. There’s...

How Much Does It Cost - Misamis Occidental Jobs

What’s A Job Portal?

A job portal (or career portal), is basically an updated, online version of an old-school job board, where people would post a piece of paper with a job description on a board. You had to search the whole board to see if there was anything you were qualified to do,...

What’s A Job Portal - Misamis Occidental Jobs

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